Our Story


The face behind the canvas. 

I'm Lacy. 

I live in Lithia Springs, a suburb of Atlanta, with my husband, Chris and our baby, Frankie. We get to share our time and couch space with two dogs, Earl and Jay. I go by my full name, Lacy M. Freeman, because I think it sounds so formal and professional. Despite my punny nature, I work really hard at maintaining a certain level of professionalism. Pushing that aside, here are three things you should know about me: 


The M initial in my name stands for both Marie, my middle name, and Mckinney, my maiden name! I use them interchangeably. When people ask, I always tell them my middle name because I don't want people to find my facebook. Oops.


I'm completely obsessed with nature documentaries and I rewatch Planet Earth videos on repeat. My favorite film is My Life as a Turkey. It's about a man, Joe Hutto, who spends a year practicing imprinting (raising from young) on a group of wild turkey, and and writes in a journal about his daily experiences and personalities of these turkey. It's more emotional than scientific, and that's something I both appreciate and apply to my art. 


My favorite animal is the Sandhill Crane. I feel a deep connection to them and always have. During migration season, I can hear their calls from my studio while they are heading north and south! As a kid, I remember my father would pull off the side of the road to point them out. That's because there are less than 5,000 of the Florida Sandhill Crane subpopulation remaining, and he wanted to make sure we took notice. Back in the forties, there were less than 1,000 of the Greater Sandhill population remaining, and now there are several hundred thousand! For me, the Sandhill Crane represents 'hope'. If the Sandhill Crane's population can be helped and brought back to a healthier number, then perhaps the Florida Sandhill and it's cousin, the Whooping Crane, whose numbers are at about 310, can make a comeback, also!