Barry the Polar Bear



Belle the Boxer


Bernie the Bernedoodle


Billy the Goat


Bruce the Boston Terrier


 Buster the Basset Hound


Damion the Dinosaur


Dat Momma Doe


Don Key 


Drake the Dachshund


Ed the English Bulldog


Gary the Seal


Godfrey the Goat


Goldie the Golden


Gus the French Bulldog


Harold the Hare


Henry the Hippo


Hugo the Husky


Jeffersons Family of Giraffes 


Jewel the Giraffe 


Johnny the Bear


Laddie the Labradoodle


Llennie the Llama 


Louis the Lion


Mister French the French Bulldog


Nanny Goat


Olivia the (Barn) Owl


Parakeet Party of Five


Penny the Penguin


Pepper the Pitbull 


Petey the Pig



Quinn the Koala


Red the Retriever



Ricki the Raccoon



Rodgur the Rabbit


Ron the Race Dog (Greyhound)


Sam the Sunbear


Sandy the Spaniel (Cocker)


Sherman the Sheep


Sienna the Camel


Sonny the Schnauzer 


Tommy the Goat


Two Old Hoots (Milky Eagle Owls) 


Wanda the Wolf


Zuberi the Giraffe