Dog Portrait - THE FULL BODY

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Looking for a  custom painting of your pup, from head to toe?! You've found it!     Full Body Paintings may take longer than other styles, depending on the size (larger canvases take longer!) as so much detail and work goes into a Full Body Painting.  

There is currently an 10-15 week pipeline for full body commissions and pup at this time! In example, if you order on February 1, your painting will be ready around April 1- April 15. Please take note when ordering a commissioned painting as a gift, though for the full body option, it could take a little longer. 

Adding accessories to your pup is a fun way to further personalize your portrait! If you'd like to add a collar, name tag, bandana, or bow tie, let me know! An additional fee may apply.  

To order:

1) Choose your style (The Original, The Modern, or the Full Body).
2) Choose a canvas size.
3) Check out. 

4)Send 3 or 4 photos of your pet via email ( ). I will need a clear photo of your pup facing the camera. If possible, also include the neck and chest, as in a sitting position. Or, send several clear photos! We'll discuss details such as background color, any collar details, or other accessories, too. 
5) I'll send you an approval photo once your commission is complete and ready to deliver. We'll discuss delivery details and then I'll send your painting to you! 

Special note: I do not offer refunds on commissions once work has started. There is a lot of prep work including the ordering of canvases and supplies, time spent on correspondence, and many other aspects to working on and designing a commission than "just painting". Please be considerate of the time and effort going into each painting and I promise you'll end up a happy customer!