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Butterfly 1.

Butterfly 1.

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Butterfly 1.

Pretend Papillon. Made-up Mariposa. 

I created these butterflies out of my imagination. I felt inspired by the butterflies who visited the giant lantana bush outside of my studio window this summer. There were so many visitors this year!

Like all of the other animals and subjects of my art, these butterflies were created using layer upon layer of paint to create interesting shapes, complex colors and playful patterns. Painted on a clean white background, the colors of these butterflies pop. Please let us know if you'd like to have the background color changed. Additional fees may apply (like, $10).

Butterfly 1 is an original painting on stretched canvas. It measures 9x12 inches. It arrives ready to hang or to frame, though a frame is not included. We highly recommend using what's called a 'floater frame' if you choose to frame your piece! 

All rights reserved, including rights of reproduction. Thank you for not replicating my work in any way. 

Shipping (in the lower 48) is included.

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