Gift Cards

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A gift card to our online store is perfect for that person who loves animals and art! Or, for the biggest pet lovers in your life. With a gift card to our store, the recipient can use the credit to purchase any item, print, painting, or have the gifted amount go towards a custom commission of their favorite furry friend. 

To order a gift card, it must be done through square, so you will be redirected. Fret not, it is I, Lacy Freeman! This platform doesn't allow gift cards, so when placing an order for one, you must click this link:

Note to gift giver: the recipient must email me their order. 'Cause remember, this site doesn't allow gift cards. (Lame, I know). To help with explaining this, feel free to copy and paste the little bit below:
"Dear recipient, 
Please find yourself a super cool gift at /get your pet painted/ find a new friend for your lonely walls. Don't checkout, though. Email your order to and she'll send your new favorite gift to you!
Your favorite person ever."